Alex Kipman

A person from Washington State who works in technology, invention, and innovation. They live in Bellevue.


Alex Kipman has clearly internalized the wisdom that inventions are the means by which civilization advances. Even though technology is his main focus, he is also a creative thinker who has contributed to a wide range of ground-breaking initiatives. Over the years, he has been responsible for many game-changing developments in his field; the Intellectual Property Owners Association has even named him Inventor of the Year (IPO).

His impressive education is grounded in both formal education and life experiences. He studied under illustrious professors at some of the world's finest universities. Working with leading experts in the field gave him insight into the process of problem identification and innovative solution development. Firsthand, he experienced the thrill of contributing to a project that no one else understood, and he was convinced that was the kind of work he always wanted to do. That's why he decided to spend his whole life working to make people's lives better in some way.