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A person from Washington State who works in technology, invention, and innovation. They live in Bellevue.

Blog posts September 2022

What is virtual reality? Provide an illustration.

VR is an emerging technology that creates a realistic experience using a digital environment. Numerous uses are possible. Numerous individuals are already utilizing VR for a variety of purposes. Some of these applications are for instructional objectives, such as teaching someone how to fly an airpl…

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An Explanation of Augmented Reality

AR refers to the use of technology to produce virtual experiences. The augmented reality experiences from Pepsi and Sephora, as well as Pokemon GO, are a few examples of this type of activity. These encounters offer an understanding of what augmented reality is and how it functions.

The popularit…

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What exactly does "Virtual Reality" mean? Examples and Disadvantages

People with physical restrictions can benefit from using virtual reality to experience the outside world without giving up their constraints. Additionally, it allows people to participate in first-person experiences of global events without requiring them to leave their homes. Further, individuals w…

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